Folding-sliding walls

Transparency on the basis of the accordeon principle 
Our folding-sliding walls are available with insulation for conservatories, for use all year round. For lean-tos, you can even do without insulation.

Summer garden Balcony Conservatory Commercial

Sliding-rotating walls

Maximum opening all around
Pane-by-pane, you can slide these glass elements and open them completely over the corner – over any desired angle.

Summer garden Commercial Balcony

Sliding walls

Easy handling
Due to their driving function, sliding walls are particularly comfortable to operate. With only one touch, you can open or close several panes at once.

Summer garden Commercial Balcony

Hanging sliding walls

For flawless floors
Anyone who attaches importance to an even floor can also obtain sliding walls as a hanging systems. The big advantage: No rail disrupts the appearance.

Commercial Summer garden Balcony

Opening – however you like it

Flexible glass walls from KlimaFlex bring outdoor feelings into your four walls – custom-fit for your house. At the same time, they offer the best weather protection for undertakings with friends and family. And with heat and sunshine? The folding or sliding walls can simply and effortlessly slide away.